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WARNING : The Board Game YOU should’nt Play!

Is it just me BUT every time I see a  Ouija  board in use either in a movie or on any paranormal programme I cringe.  Seeing one of these boards been used is enough to have me running for the hills! It’s like the paranormal creeps out of my TV. and says ‘Boo’!

You see, I know what they can do!

The first time I ever  physically saw one of these boards, although I knew of them,  was during a school holiday when I was about 13. It was a long long summer and of course bored  teens  will get upto  ‘exciting’ mischief – or so we thought!

I still don’t know where the board  actually came from.  We were hanging out at an older friend’s place  when  she disappeared for a few minutes returning  with said board announcing in a loud voice that this ‘game’ would be fun. Of course there was a ripple of nervous laughter  from those in the know.  The boys pretending  they were quite cool about everything trying to scare the girls as the curtains were drawn to block out any light.

Putting  a glass on the centre of the board the friend then explained what we were going to do and suggested questions we should ask.

Besides the ’normal’  hair rising on the arm my instinct was  literally ‘oh no’ , this did not feel good and I said so.  After a chorus of giggles, as the ‘baby’ in the group,  I backed off  choosing the closest seat nearest to the passageway so I could if needed, do a runner!

This was a very old house with a creaky wrought iron roof, loose wooden floorboards in the passageway mingled amongst the cold concrete floors of each room. The lounge was already dark, chilly and creepy due to the almost completed new home blocking out the sun. It had been built right alongside the old build with only a metre between them.

All became deadly quiet as a couple older kids sat around the board hands on glass and started asking questions .

Within seconds the room got colder, darker and more eerie.

All I could see from my seat was the glass moving slowly. Suddenly, it started to gather momentum and the kids faces started to change from excitement to pure fear as a reddish orange light started to emit from the board.  As it gathered speed spiralling out of control the net curtains started to flap upwards before  flying up towards the ceiling. The atmosphere changed instantly becoming dense and icy cold as we all sat rooted to the spot for what felt like an eternity.

As the hair on my arms began to rise again along with the hair behind my neck I decided I was going get out of there as quickly as I could.

At that moment  I froze as I heard a squeal  of cold terror as the kids by the board fell backwards away from the coffee table. The glass rose with such  ferocity  whipping across the room and then back towards the window before  smashing through the glass hitting the new build on the outside.  It was all over in a matter of seconds.

By now, I was charging down the passage way with  everyone following screaming their heads off. Running as fast as we could we poured out the front door grateful for the warmth of the sun hitting our faces.  It never felt so good.

Everyone was too shocked to speak. We stood quietly looking around at each other for a good few minutes.  Probably we were all silently thinking ‘What on earth had we conjured up? ‘.

Clutching my gold cross around my neck I made the sign of the cross over myself, the house and the others (in protection) before saying a quick goodbye and getting away as quick as my little legs would carry me!

It was a few months before I would share this experience with my mom.  The perils of ‘playing’ about with the unknown and severely warned of the subsequent consequences.

The other side is real and just like good and bad ‘down here’, there is a dark side and when something feels wrong it invariably is. Listen to that inner voice ALWAYS and never waiver from what you feel.

I never returned to the original house. Fortunately by then, we had moved up into the village which made it easier to not to expose myself  further .

The old house was soon pulled down and the family moved into their new build. I only visited the new house once after that as the property and the land itself never felt the same.

It was shortly after this move, that their father suddenly passed away…..

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A Ghostly Encounter


It’s always fascinating when you get drawn to a place on the spur of the moment and have an unknown encounter.

With an hour to spare we decided to show our out of town bf the towering gatehouse that still stands at Donnington Castle* and dominates the hillside.

Investigating the surrounds and still partially visible walls and rooms, we took some amazing pictures.

As we walked up towards one of the iron gates we played at ‘attacking’ the castle.  And there it was,  that feeling when you know you are been watched.

I could feel a presence when I reached the gate and decided to push my iphone through the grill and snap a couple of photos before the rain bucketed down.

It was only a few days later I got this niggling feeling of unfinished business that I went through the photos to find the one where I had felt the spirit presence.

Is that the Gatekeeper, I captured, standing there wondering what all the commotion was about?  Is he still looking after and protecting the Gatehouse?

I think he is. But, YOU make your mind up!


*Donnington Castle is just a few miles from the centre of Newbury in the county of West Berks, England. It is steeped in history and an ideal spot apparently for ghost hunting.

A Very Welcome Guest!

One very still hot humid summer night when I was about 5 years old, I was stirred from a deep sleep. Groggily opening my eyes, I saw a strange light from the doorway illuminating the bedroom.

Shadowed against this iridescent light next to the wardrobe, you could not miss the beautiful peaceful figure of a Chinese lady with her praying hands and slight smile staring at me. My heart started beating ten to the dozen and although I felt safe I was petrified!  Gasping, eyes wide open, I saw her start to ‘glide’ towards me.

Turning away as fast as I could, I pulled the bed covers tightly over my head. I lay as still as possible, eyes screwed up tightly, daring myself not to breathe and willing her to not come any closer.

I waited. The atmosphere was charged and the silence was deafening.

Suddenly, feeling a slight movement at the bottom of the bed I slowly opened one eye. There was a dim light shining through the bedclothes.  Pulling the sheets even tighter around me, I repeated the Lords Prayer over and over. Then out the blue, lying like a statue holding my breath,  I felt this soft gentle touch brushing up against my thigh. Rather than feel terrified, I strangely felt a sense of peace  wash over and through me. Although still frightened, I found myself drifting off back into a deep sleep.

Opening my eyes the next morning to bright sunshine drifting through the cracks of the pulled floral curtains, the events of that night suddenly hit me.  Did I dream it?

Not knowing what to expect in the light of day, I slowly slid myself up the bed daring myself to look around the room and down the bed. And, there it was! An imprint of ‘someone’ having sat on my bed.

In that moment I knew that a most unexpected caring universal soul had visited me during a most difficult time. This turned out to be one of the most pivotal moments for me that has stayed with me since.

We may not always understand, and we may not always feel, but know and try to be aware of that light source that surrounds, supports, walks with and is that inner voice that guides you when needed. Whether you call them helpers, guides or guardian angels – always remember YOU are not alone!


As a footnote to this post, I was later to learn that this wonderful apparition was my mom’s guide, whom she had named Lotus.  

Here is the painting of Lotus painted several years after my  uplifting experience by well known South African spiritual painter during the 1960/70’s – Sue Pointon 



 Talk about ‘freaking’ out after the event – the image was so true to what I had seen!

What an amazing unforgettable experience and mind blowing  memorable introduction for we were to meet again ……






Understanding the Effect of YOUR Thinking

Before reading further, pause for a moment and focus on how YOU would usually process your thoughts


Did you give a thought to, or even realized, it is not what you think, or what you do not think, it is HOW you think ?

Yes? No?

If not, then it’s important that you strive to be aware of this thought process. Keep continually reminding yourself,  ‘Am I thinking constructively or destructively?’

Remember, it is up to the effect of YOUR thinking how YOU live your life.

This means the need to be aware of what you put into any situation is your responsibility

Don’t forget, YOU will only gain out of any situation what YOU put into it.

It’s just that simple!

Love & Light to each and everyone of you



A place like no other to provide positive food for your soul!

If you ever find yourself Soul Searching or in need of physical and emotional Healing, then I would suggest YOU head straight to the Island of Mauritius!

There you will find,nestled in the small town of Riambel on the South of the Island, “The Spiritual Centre of Riambel” where there is an Energical Vortex and tranquility and harmony awaits your tired soul.

Everything you need to know about this supercharged healing centre you will find HERE >>

However, everything you need to feel you have to be THERE!

The centre is lovingly tendered and kept up by volunteers and the softly spoken ‘caretaker’ Sebastian, who is on hand to guide and support YOU on this most amazing of spiritual journeys.

That said, let me share my experience with you ….

As my family had been here on previous occasions they had mentioned the rejuvenating energies and the peace you feel as you enter through the gate. But as with all things, you need to discover this for yourself. Feel your own sense of being and embrace the power of the surrounding solitude, as you reflect and take in the atmosphere.

What I would like to add, is that for me, this is definitely a place where the energies freely flow.  They are so tangible you can literally feel a sense of movement and a change in the surrounding environment, that seemingly envelopes you as you enter the Energetical Vortex.

Whilst the others went straight to the ‘chakra chalets’ I was pulled towards the Light Well and followed the path according to how I felt drawn, listening to my inner voice and guidance.

I then drifted over to the energical vortex and felt to go to the heart chakra ‘chalet’ as my disabled partner has long term heart issues. Initially, I tried to close my eyes and do some meditation. After a number of fleeting visions I opened my eyes and was pulled to the silence of the vortex ahead. Getting up, I went to the chair within the circle and there I saw the energy moving through the ground like waves – it was the most calming, peaceful feeling watching entranced as the earth slowly vibrated as it moved towards me.

Transfixed for a while I decided to try another section of the vortex circle. The same thing happened – it was as if the earth, stones had a life of their own. What an incredible sensation watching the energies flow, the rejuvenation, the peace surrounding me as I sat transfixed.

Something definitely changed for me in that moment. The physical feeling of having been there stayed with me for days. One the other hand, the visions and energy movement I saw and felt has brought an inner sense of peace – knowing where I want, and need to be for now, in this moment.

So to bring you back to earth – Should you ever find yourself needing to recharge, feel lost, seeking a sense of purpose and needing to clear your thoughts, I can testify that this is one place – a sanctuary of peace and tranquility that can assist you to look towards your inner-self to find the answers that YOU seek for your soul’s purpose.

What we asked Prof John Poynton…


Prof. John Poynton, MSc, PhD, OMS and current President of the Society of Psychical Research, London, England

( uncloaks some questions you have probably thought about and always wanted to know ….

  • As a zoologist/botanist how did you get involved in the paranormal?

Not through biology, but through dowsing – very convincing evidence of mind receiving information not through a physical sensory route. Medical dowsing is the nearest thing to biology.

  • Have you personally witnessed a paranormal experience that you can’t explain ?

I’ve had hardly any personal experience. I once saw an image of Wyllys after she had passed in a darkened shop window – an art shop we frequented. I was feeling very down, yet she was smiling and waving, so it wasn’t simply a projection. I can’t explain that, other than it was a physically inexplicable sighting.

  • Is there a process to investigating paranormal claims?

Data have been accumulating for two centuries, using simple observation to computerised technology. All sorts of data-gathering processes have been used.

  • Is there overwhelming scientific evidence to dispute most of these claims?


  • Any cases that you are aware of that have remained unsolved?

Not clear what this asks. In a sense all positive psychic data remain unsolved because there is no generally accepted theory to account for them.

  • What is the role of the psychical research society  in London

The Society offers grants for research and publishes results in its Journal and it organises lectures, study days and international conferences.  It has a large lending library.

In short it is a typical learned society that promotes study, distributes information, encourages personal exchanges, and fosters high academic standards.

  • Why do you think there is a sudden surge of awareness of the paranormal?

There is a general widening of interest in all areas, and in the case of the paranormal the increase in publications has a snowball effect. The media still largely act as a barrier.

  • What is the criteria to become a PRS member?

None. (So, what are you waiting for – Sign up Today!)

  • What is your take on the existence of life outside of this galaxy?

Don’t know!

 For more updates on the Professor, catch up with him on his website and snap up latest publications!


Soul Support

Those you know, those you love pass over in many different ways. sun and road_Fotor

Having personally been involved with hospice over the years, I have spoken to many different people that have actually witnessed this ‘release’ from the physical. They noticed that each one had a reaction to where they ‘knew’ they needed to go once they had come to terms with their imminent passing.

The feedback of so many that I spoke to at the time was that they felt, witnessing this release, could bring to the fore a range of emotions for them.

Letting go of things in that alone position been right there in that type of situation, could have a major impact on them personally. Especially if they’d had any relationship with, or were very close to this person.

It is certainly a very painful place to be and one can’t always explain it. Other people, who weren’t there at the time, may sympathise and say ‘shame’ you will get over it. But, as you know, you don’t just get over it!  Despite this, one needs to be able to accept those individuals for who they are, unbearable as they maybe at the time you are in pain and broken hearted. Parts of us, hopefully going through such an experience may never forget but remember just how others may have felt in the same circumstances. That said those people that are able to be in position to help these individuals through, please just TRUST, ACCEPT and BELIEVE – it is ok!

One of my most poignant experiences of this effect was to support someone who had just lost a child in very tragic circumstances. Standing in the background, touched deeply in a physical sense, watching, feeling and seeing the devastation of the physical emotions of those who needed  to identify the young child who had just departed. I was saddened in that moment to think just how many people will, and have been asked to identify those who were very close either in a physical relationship, or as friends or family, and wondered how they felt?

How much they could have emotionally absorbed and what might they have come across during the process of identifying the deceased. How alone this person may well have felt within this distressing experience.  And, just how some of these souls they knew passing over could be very difficult to relate to in the physical – both prior to the tragedy and immediately before their being released from the physical body.

This made me want to ask, having gone through it myself, if it could help anyone out there to share their own experiences with us?

I feel, to be able to go back after many years and renew that experience together would enable others to support those at their time of grief and being mindful of the effect it may have on themselves.    To be in put in a situation(s) where we are asked to stand in for others because they would not have been able to do it themselves, is a great privilege.  And hopefully, we were also able to offer our support positively in many other ways during their time of immense personal sorrow.

If there others out there who in their own way have need and want to share their insights and  feelings under such circumstances, please do so. We would love to hear from you!

Perhaps it was not very different to how I was able to view it – that is, not only from both inside the personal relationship but also from been able to be supportive and trying to uphold as much as physically humanly possible. It is such an alone place to be if you find you are the only one in this situation..

So, if there others out there who in their own way have need and want to share their insights and  feelings under these circumstances, please do so. We would love to hear from you!

Let’s positively contribute to assisting others – together –  to come to terms with their experience(s) with the understanding and knowledge that when individuals  are released from this physical, they go in many, many different ways. And that is exactly as it ought to be….

Until we meet again

As ever

With Love & Thoughts



ALAN CHAPPELL of S.P.I. (Supernatural Paranormal Investigators)


Something that cannot be explained or repeated, under normal circumstances.


Helping others to come to terms with their experiences. Successfully resolving their events by rescuing both the earth and spirit bound beings. Assist with the healing process.


Knowing you can miss rescuing spirit when negative types hide behind other spirits, we call it cloaking. It only happened once thank goodness and was corrected the following day. Fear factor is zero, although we have been known to jump a little!


All and any investigation that involves paranormal activity. This means good or negative within the private sector, commercial property, municipal buildings e.t.c. We will investigate all venues! Although, we are contacted 90% of the time, we also do separate investigations of interest in many areas of our own choice which is a bonding and a relaxing method for our team.


Not to try to solve spirit activity on their own! Find experienced people to help them. Don’t just listen to anyone. We listen to every individual experience and recommend our services to help. Not only in an advisory capacity but also to conduct a full professional investigation.


Jeff and Alan, who have worked together for over 15 + years. Karen has been with SPI for over 4 years and Nick has been with SPI for 2 years.

Need any advice or help with paranormal activity? If so, you can go straight to our website or email us at .

We work mainly in the private sector, so discretion, if requested, is exactly what it means!





Put on the spot, here are Nine’s off the cuff responses to the following questions about ‘WHY ARE WE HERE?’

Well, for me, I could not imagine I would be here without a purpose. Could you? This means being aware of accepting every day whatever it brings, for better or worse. It is one more day to experience and one day less to learn from!

Good question!!
For me, there is an inner knowing of just being a part of a wonderful energy which is within everything and all things! Everything has life – as I see it – even the smallest microcosm known, is surrounded by an energy of protection. It is HOW this energy manifests itself individually, in all shapes and forms, that transforms into ‘being’.

Hopefully after the physical experiences we are moving through with this ‘physical vehicle’, down here on earth, we will move into other experiences without the physical body – which can be very limiting, as you know! We will then be able to enjoy our reunion with the essence of our very being coming together again, united!

If we were to take a rough piece of steel from a quarry, we would need to place it through various processes -such as fire and water, to enable it to be moulded into a worthwhile and useful object. This would be specifically designed by you, for you. The same would occur for the individual person within the energy given to us from our essence. To show us, just how we can accomplish individually from this – the essence of life!


YES! This occurs through the physical need to be dependent on others. This includes those around us from birth and those needed, for however long, in support, until we are able to balance ourselves.
YES! Our insight is also affected – by not being able to be as independent physically because of the need to be dependent on others and circumstances.
YES! Owing to your inner feelings being inhibited and not being able to freely say how you really feel.

Most people need recognition and acknowledgement as it seems to give the person the confidence of who they are – as an individual!

“The greatest experience in life IS living the experience!” Nine

mom 2_Fotor

NINE is a well known inspirational speaker who will revolutionize your world and challenge you to change the way you look at things. Her years of experience and her unique insights have guided so many to transform their approach to life, enabling them to realise their true purpose for being.

AUTHOR of the life changing ‘Living with Insight’ series, ‘I Died Young’ and the channel for the original book‘Mike’(aka Heaven’s Gift)

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